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Managing Conflict (312)

Do you ever feel apprehensive about raising a concern or problem with someone, but know that it will only get worse if you don't? And do you know how to resolve conflict that has already set in? Can you deal calmly with difficult people, and manage your own emotions as well as theirs? Can you find an outcome that will satisfy everyone? This course will equip you with powerful, practical strategies for resolving workplace conflicts (and tiffs at home too!). Learn how to turn challenging conversations with difficult people into a foundation for improved relationships, enhanced morale and increased productivity. This course will also give participants a six-step process that they can use and modify to resolve conflicts of any size. Participants will also learn crucial conflict resolution skills, including dealing with anger, the Johari Wndow, and using the Agreement Frame.

- Suitable For: Team leaders, supervisors and all staff.
- ILM Unit: 312 - Understand Conflict Management in the Workplace(1 credit)
- Course Duration: 20 Hours
- Additional Resources: Download Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets
  • Managing Conflict 1 - Getting Started
  • Video - How not to resolve conflict
  • Managing Conflict 2 - Understanding Workplace Conflict
  • Video - 5 Types of Workplace Conflict
  • Managing Conflict 3 - A Conflict Resolution Process
  • Video - Resolving Conflict
  • Managing Conflict 4 - Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Video - The Kilman Model Illustrated
  • Managing Conflict 5 - Laying the Foundations
  • Managing Conflict 6 - Create Mutual Understanding
  • Managing Conflict - Quiz 1
  • Managing Conflict 7 - Getting to the Root Cause
  • Video - Root Cause Analysis with the 5 Why's
  • Managing Conflict 8 - Finding the Solution
  • Managing Conflict 9 - Dealing with Anger
  • Video - Anger Management (funny)
  • Managing Conflict 10 - The CIPD Framework
  • Managing Conflict 11 - Where Resolution fails
  • Managing Conflict - Quiz 2
  • Managing Conflict 12 - Wrapping-up
  • Managing Conflict - Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed