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Understand Training and Coaching (317)

This course will help you build the capabilities of your people in alignment with organization needs, and help you inspire, motivate, and challenge your people to realize their full potential. You will learn about the tools and techniques for assessing training and development needs, and the resources available to you, both inside and outside your organization to do this. You will also learn about the range of development options available, and how to develop specific growth plans for individuals and teams

In addition, you will learn how to use your organizations performance appraisal system to advise your team members on their development needs, and how to improve their personal performance. You will learn how to help your people plan their careers, and how to support them through the learning and development process.

- Suitable For: First-line and Middle Managers and H-R Professionals
- 317 Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace (2 credits)
- Course Duration: 20 Hours
- Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
- Additional Resources: Download Learners manual, additional articles and worksheet.
  • Training and Development 1 - Getting Started
  • Training and Development 2 - Understanding Training and Employee Development
  • Case Study - Business Development through Training and Development (clone)
  • Training and Development 3 - The Manager's Role
  • Video - 5 Ways to Develop your Team
  • Training and Development 4 - Training Needs Assessment
  • Video - 4 Steps to Conduct a Training Needs Assessment
  • Training and Development 5 - Learning Styles
  • Video - VARK Learning Styles Assessment
  • Training and Development 6 - Learning Plans
  • Training and Development - Quiz 1
  • Training and Development 7 - Coaching and Mentoring
  • Training and Development 8 - Coaching Skills
  • Video - Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Video - How to Coach your Employees
  • Training and Development 9 - Overcoming Barriers
  • Video - Adult Learning Theory
  • Training and Development 10 - Evaluating learning
  • Video - The Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation
  • Training and Development11 - W rapping-up
  • Trainingg and Development - Quiz 2
  • Training and Development - Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete 90.00% of the content